Over the tire rubber tracks create two machines in one for more control and ease of access. There are several benefits to buying OTTs for your skid steer.


Over the tire tracks are great for jobs with a variety of work environments as they are easy to take on and off the machine. With modular installation, they have fast installation time and easy replacement on a one-to-one basis. If work environments have a variety of different working terrains, OTTs work well to switch from a tracked to wheeled machine.


Summit’s over the tire rubber tracks are made from high-quality rubber manufactured with precision to ensure excellent bonding, optimum abrasion, and tensile strength. OTTs protect the tires on your machine and ensure a longer life for them.

The internal steel body on over the tire tracks is engineered to work seamlessly on the harshest grounds to provide prime traction and flotation. Skid steers can struggle in tough terrain with traction. Using OTTs on a skid steer means no job delays or project pauses to wait for work conditions to improve. This saves valuable downtime in construction, landscaping, and mining.

       Two in One      Modular Installation     Durability


Specially designed parabolic curvature and inner surface with carefully designed tapering and material of the produces high grip on the tire of the skid steer. OTTs create two machines in one with more control and ease of access. Over the tire rubber tracks mean no investment in new equipment saving you money.


Over the tire tracks can be used in a variety of different terrains.

    • Mud – high flotation means no cracks for the mud to enter
    • Dirt & Grass – multi terrain tread design to ensure traction
    • Gravel - smooth ride due to continuous tread design
    • Snow – special rubber compound to guarantee traction

Terrain Patterns-1

If you need assistance installing OTTs, check out our blog post here or watch the video below.

OTT Installation

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