Duraline™ rubber pads protect road surfaces and means minimal damage to work area with heavy duty hard rubber compound bonded to a steel core. Rubber pads allow owners to benefit from the securities of rubber while having the strength of the steel chain. Durability, cost savings, safety guarantee, and operator comfort are all advantages of rubber pads.

With high tear and tensile strength, these rubber pads are durable in any work environment. The durability of Duraline™ eliminates costly surface damage and labor and material costs by eliminating rubber matting or plywood for surface protection.

Surface Protection

Superb elongation and bonding strength maintain structural integrity when torqued and stretched. Extended pad life, reduced downtime, and increased value with outstanding abrasion-resistance. Rubber pads are easy to attach and detach and save in maintenance, labor, and undercarriage costs.

With excellent stability on slippery surfaces, Duraline™ rubber pads decrease safety risks when hoisting and digging. Increase profitability by decreasing your liabilities with rubber pads. Steel tracks slip on hard surfaces where rubber grips.

Rubber pads ensure operator comfort with operation noise reduction and less operating vibration. With rubber pads, the ride is quieter and smoother. Also, with the reduced vibration, there is an increase in undercarriage life.

Noise Reduction

When a grouser shoe is not predrilled, the clip-on rubber pad is a very practical option. If the grouser steel is too hard to drill and plasma cutting is used, the holes can be too large or over-blown. This means washers are used which concave in work environments making the pads come loose. The clip-on pad means no drilling and avoids these issues installing in as little as 6 hours.

Bolt-on pads are an excellent option to keep the machine the same width preventing damage from the hardware to curbs and ground surfaces. The most cost-effective solution when transitioning from steel to rubber with an excavator is roadliner pads. They are a one-piece solution that bolts directly to the steel chain.

Increase Traction

Available in 200-900 millimeters, Duraline™ rubber pads are guaranteed to fit your machine.

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