Flat Proof Solid Skid Steer Tires

Solid Rubber Tires are gaining traction in today construction market.  A common question in the industry is "Why should pay more for the solid tire?" The answer is:

  1. Three time longer lasting  Flat Proof Skid Steer Tire
  2. Easier to Maintain
  3. No Special Equipment to Change Tires
  4. More Comfortable Ride
  5. Increased Lifting Capacity
  6. Stabilizes the Machine by Lowering the Center of Gravity.
  7. Less Down Time
  8. Bonded to rim to eliminate rim slippage
  9. Offset rim so no spacers are needed
  10. Either 12x16.5 or 10x16.5

Tires play a very important role in the efficiency of construction equipment. They often mean the difference between a prosperous day or a bad day. We all know that construction time constraints can be very rigorous. Why not spend a little extra money up front to have the assurance of no bad day as result of your tires.

The Flat Proof Solid Rubber Tire has a specially designed rubber content that provides a high resistance to cuts and abrasions and a high tear strength. On an air or foam filled tires the rubber is much softer thus resulting in a shorter life span. The point is they last longer and are easier to maintain.  No special equipment is needed to work with these tires.  With less maintenance, lasting three times longer, and no need for special equipment this result in a fabulous cost savings on the service end as well as keeping the machine on the job to meet your demanding schedule.

The introduction of the circular shapes molded into the tires elliptical aperture, has revolutionized the Solid Rubber Tire.  It has allowed for a much smoother ride for the operator and cut down on shock related damage to the equipment.  The best design for this is a two sized circular shapes molded into the tire.  The larger circle is for comfort and the smaller circle is for stability.  They are designed is such a way that they will not crush under a heavy load.

flat proof tiresAnother benefit of the Solid Rubber Tire is they weigh approx. 275 pounds each. This will add approx 800 pounds to your machines weight over typical pneumatic tires. The increased weight stabilizes the machine by lowering the center of gravity. It results in increased driver confidence.

Flat Proof Skid Steer Tires have become very popular with contractors on their smaller and mid-sized skid steers.  With the improved designs they are now used for many applications, such as construction sites, scrap handling, metal recycling, waste transfer stations, demolition, mining applications, landscaping operations, feedlots, farming, and even snow removal.  Let's face it, we do not want to be trying to change a tire in sub zero temperatures!!

Below is a study that was recently done to show the cost saving of a Solid Rubber Tire!

Flat Proof Solid Rubber Tire resized 600

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