Summit is proud to debut their new FlatProof tire line, the VERT-X FlatProof Tires.  Stocked in both 10x16.5 and 12x16.5, these tires are designed to compete with the lower cost FlatProof Tires on the market.  Summit has been stocking their premium AP-X line with the bonded rim and deeper tread, but have found that order to compete with the FlatProof tires on the market, a standard duty line was needed.

FlatProof Tire

The VERT-X tires have a press-on rim and are designed to fit any skidsteer with a six-inch hub and an eight-bolt pattern.  The rims are offset so no spacers are needed. 

FlatProof Skidsteer Tires10x16.5 Solid Tire

These tires will:

  • Eliminate downtime due to flat tires
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase comfort over foam-filled tires
  • Outlast air tires up to three times

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