Summit Supply, LLC's AP-EX Solid Flatproof Skidsteer Tire is designed to perform where others fall flat!  Engineered with a much denser rubber compound, the AP-EX tire is recommended for applications demanding the ultimate in toughness and durability. The bonded construction virtually eliminates the possibility of tire-to-rim slippage in even the harshest conditions.

Solid Flatproof Skidsteer TireSolid Flatproof Skidsteer Tire

Two rows of strategically placed apertures (drilled openings) provide maximum operator comfort while eliminating the chance of tire collapse under heavy-load conditions.  The aggressive tread design and overall aperture-provided flexibility combine traction and surface contact which is second to none.

The AP-EX Solid Flatproof Skidsteer Tire was specifically designed for use in applications such as Demolition, Paving and Concrete, Equipment Rental Facilities, Foundries, and Scrap Yards to name just a few.

The combined rugged rubber compound, and heavy duty steel rim provide up to a 30% greated load capacity, and have been shown to last up to 3 times as long as traditional air or foam-filled competitor offerings.

Solid Flatproof Skidsteer Tire

Available in both 10 and 12-inch widths, the AP-EX Solid Flatproof Skidsteer Tire is compatible with all brands of skidsteers that accept 8-hold rim configurations.  As with all Summit Solid Rubber Tires, installation takes just minutes to complete!!

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Reduced Machine Wear and Tear
  • Increased Traction
  • Less Skipping During Turns
  • Elimination of Downtime Due to Flat Tires
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