Duraline™ rubber pads protect road surfaces and means minimal damage to work area with heavy duty hard rubber compound bonded to a steel core. With high tear and tensile strength, these rubber pads are durable in any work environment. Superb elongation and bonding strength maintains structural integrity when torqued and stretched. Extended pad life, reduced downtime, and increased value with outstanding abrasion-resistance. Rubber pads are easy to attach and detach and save in maintenance, labor, and undercarriage costs. With excellent stability on slippery surfaces, Duraline™ rubber pads decrease safety risks when hoisting and digging. Rubber pads ensure operator comfort with operation noise reduction and less operating vibration.

There are four types of rubber pads: bolt on, clip on, roadliner, and bolt hook. Each type attaches to the machine in a different way.


  • Eliminates damage to road surface
  • Pads attach to grouser plates using threaded studs that are installed through pre-drilled holes in the grouser plate
  • If you have pre-drilled holes in your pads, this is the most common option
  • Very secure connection, however not as easy to take on and off quickly
  • Matches the width of the machine
  • Pre-drilled holes required
  • Protects curbs from damage



  • Easiest option for in field replacement
  • Allows owner to use existing grouser shoes
  • Provides increased traction on hard surface
  • Attach directly to steel grouser shoe using a slip-on clamp at one end and a bolt-on bracket at the other end
  • Great for switching back and forth from steel to rubber
  • Heaviest, most durable pad
  • Warranty includes the clips and hardware
  • No pre-drilled holes required



  • Increased stability on slippery surfaces
  • Reduced operator noise
  • Common option for Komatsu machines
  • Pads attached directly to the chain, eliminating the grouser shoes completely
  • Pads attach using threaded studs
  • Four bolts are centered to increase stability
  • Protects curbs from damage



  • Common option for CAT machines
  • Easy installation
  • Combines benefits of bolt-on and clip-on rubber pads
  • Reduced noise, maximized traction, and minimized vibration 
  • Clips and bolts on the steel grouser shoe

Bolt Hook

Available in 200-900 millimeters, Duraline™ rubber pads are guaranteed to fit your machine. Our rubber pads are made from extreme-duty rubber compound that protects surfaces, reduces noise, increases traction, and
extends undercarriage life.

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