Rubber track pads are an excellent option for operators that want an easy, cost effective transition from working in dirt with steel tracks to working on more delicate surfaces, where steel would cause too much damage.

Summit Supply offers 3 different styles of rubber pads:

  1. Bolt-On – Pads attach to grouser plates using threaded studs that are installed through pre-drilled holes in the grouser plate.
  2. Clip-On- Pads attach directly to the steel grouser shoe using a slip-on yoke at one end and a bolt-on bracket at the other end.
  3. Roadliner- Pads attach directly to the chain, eliminating the grouser shoes completely. Pads attach using threaded studs.

Rubber Pads.jpg



 Summit Supply has rubber track pads in stock, ready to ship to you today, with sizes and options to fit over 1000 different machines, from over 50 manufacturers.  Contact us today and speak with a knowledgeable sales consultant to find the size and style that is appropriate for your machine.

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