Since the company’s inception in 1912, Yanmar has been an industry leader in construction equipment.  As the designer of the world’s first small diesel engine in 1933, to the first zero tail swing model in 1993 (Yanmar introduced the world’s first mini excavator in 1971), Yanmar has proven itself time and time again.

One of the many benefits of the VIO series (as well as the SV100 model) of mini excavators is their VICTAS (Vio Crawler Technology for Advanced Stability) system, which offers increased machine stability without the need for expanding the undercarriage.  The VICTAS system utilizes a unique off-set track configuration that provides increased lateral stability and lifting capacity, reduced track wear, and quiet, vibration-free movement.


In addition to rubber tracks, Summit Supply also stocks rubber pads to fit the following Yanmar Models:

  • Vio15
  • Vio17
  • Vio27
  • Vio30
  • Vio35
  • Vio45
  • Vio50
  • Vio55                                                      
  • Vio75
  • Vio80                                                    
  • SV100Offset pads.jpg

Designed to bolt to the existing triple-grouser shoes, these rubber pads combine the traction of rubber and the strength of steel to perform longer operation hours and reduce both cost and downtime.

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