Our used inventory of rubber tracks is acquired through customer returns, inventory sell-offs, overstock from competitors, and trade-ins. We have 500+ used tracks in stock at all times.

Think about wear, application, budget, and warranty when it comes to ordering used rubber tracks.

Buying Used Tracks


Our used rubber tracks have a percentage of life remaining. Be sure to ask your product specialist how much life the track has left. Used tracks don’t have warranty so ensure that you are aware of how many hours you are going to get from it.


Think about where you will be using the rubber track. The terrain the rubber track will be used in can affect whether you choose to go with a used rubber track. If tread is important for tough working conditions, look at the tread and see how worn it is. Some used rubber tracks are brand new, but the tread on others may be worn down compromising the traction of the track.


Used rubber tracks are a great option when working with a tight budget. When requesting a quote for rubber tracks, inquire with our product specialist whether there is a used track available for your machine. If there is a used rubber track, it could have a high life remaining and be a fraction of the cost of a new rubber track.


Summit’s used rubber tracks come without warranty. If you are concerned about warranty issues, it is highly advisable to go with a new rubber track to ensure Summit's great warranty policy. 

Always ask for photos when ordering used rubber tracks. Photos will give a great visual so you can be sure the product is perfect for your application.

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