Summit’s thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times. Now- more than ever – we realize how small the world truly is, and the importance of coming together to protect our community in times of need.

Our business development managers are taking a break from the road and face-to-face visits. They have used the time wisely to connect with their customers and collaborate. Seth Ursell, a business development manager on the East Coast, tells us, “As much as I enjoy being on the road and the interaction with my client base COVID 19 has really given me a chance to really refocus and connect with my clients in a much different way – tough times never last, however tough people do!”

We understand how challenging it can be to find balance in these times. Trying to work from home with kids can be tough. Click on the graphic to download our coloring book to keep them busy 😊

Kids Coloring Book

With team members across the nation in six different states, the Summit team was well-adapted to take on the work from home approach. Our teams felt more connected than ever with an increase in Zoom meetings on a weekly and daily basis. Say hello to everyone! Contact us at 888.888.1248 if you would like a live Zoom presentation. 

Summit Meeting Picture

We have been striving to be CONSISTENT with our customers and always have stock ready to ship for our customers. Our teams have shown a remarkable effort in TEAMWORK to pull together in adversity. No matter the challenge, Summit’s SERVICE to our customers will never change, all warehouses are well-stocked and fully operational. We show INTEGRITY and keep to our promises. Everyone at Summit Supply shows RESPECT and understanding in times of need.

We have been taking the time to reflect and focus on our core mission – putting people first. Please stay connected with us and know our team is always here for your support.
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Summit Supply is the industry leader for quality construction wear parts. Our mission is people first and we give unmatched service to our customers. Our products ship from 6 different warehouses around the country and all standard orders ship free. Explore our product lines or give us a call at 888.888.1248 with any questions.

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