It’s essential that your rubber pads are in top condition to operate at peak performance. Continuous machinery usage can lead to a decline in your rubber pads. This causes further machine issues like increased wear and damaged undercarriage. By being prepared and replacing your rubber pads when they are worn, you'll save downtime and money.

Replacement Pads

Here are some signs that you need to replace your rubber pads:

Rubber is thin

If the tread on the rubber pad is worn and the rubber is thin, it compromises the durability of the rubber pad. It can decrease the traction of the machine causing safety concerns.

Cracks are showing

If cracks are showing on rubber pads, the rubber pads are worn and can cause them to come loose. This means your machine will ride unevenly potentially leading to further machine issues.

Hardware is rusted or missing

If bolts are missing or clips are cracking on your rubber pads, it’s a sign that it is time to replace. Rust weakens the integrity of the pad and the hardware can damage road surfaces and curbs. Missing hardware can cause the pads to come off creating more issues.

Steel plate is showing

If the rubber pad is worn down enough that the steel plate is showing though, this may cause damage to your working terrain/surface. Surface damage increases cost and work time. Ensure that your rubber pads aren’t too worn to protect surfaces and work at optimum capacity.

If your rubber pads need replaced, give us a call at 888.888.1248 to get in touch with a product specialist. 

Duraline™ rubber pads protect road surfaces and means minimal damage to work area with heavy duty hard rubber compound bonded to a steel core. With high tear and tensile strength, these rubber pads are durable in any work environment. Superb elongation and bonding strength maintains structural integrity when torqued and stretched. Extended pad life, reduced downtime, and increased value with outstanding abrasion-resistance. Rubber pads are easy to attach and detach and save in maintenance, labor, and undercarriage costs. With excellent stability on slippery surfaces, Duraline™ rubber pads are decrease safety risks when hoisting and digging. Rubber pads ensure operator comfort with operation noise reduction and less operating vibration.

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